3 Reasons to Fish from a Kayak

May 08, 2019 Fishing Gear Kayaks

Kayaking is quickly becoming a popular sport among outdoor enthusiasts. It's a sport that has gained popularity with anglers of all ages looking to reel in the big fish. They are several reasons why using a kayak to fish may be right for you.


VERSATILITY If you already own a kayak, then you know that it can be used for more than just fishing. Kayaks are great for an afternoon adventure with or without fishing rods, which makes them a great recreational vehicle for any nice, warm day. They can be used for a variety of functions, so you aren't locked into just fishing with them.


ECONOMICAL To get into the world of kayaking is relativily inexpensive when comparing it to fishing from a boat. The initial purchase price is much cheaper and you don't have the cost of fuel or licensing (as long as your kayak is under a certain length).


PORTABILIY While searching for the perfect fishing spot, it can sometimes be hard to get to the small, remote areas. This is where a kayak is perfect to nagivate to that area. It allows you to access remote waters, streams, ponds and lakes that don't allow motors. Kayaks can float in a small amount of water, making them a great choice for areas that aren't easily accessed otherwise. You can also launch a kayak in the water in most locations without the need for a boat ramp, making them very versatile. That, along with being fairly light, make them very portable and easy to move to new locations.


If you are wanting to spend some time outdoors exploring new fishing spots, using a kayak is a great choice. Contact us today at Sommerfeld Outfitters for all of your kayaking and fishing needs, including paddles, fishing poles, and outdoor gear.




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