4 Things for Your Next Ice Fishing Adventure

January 16, 2020 Fishing Gear

When the cold weather hits Iowa, most people are inside and staying there. But we can’t forget about those brave anglers going out in the cold to enjoy some ice fishing! The temperatures are beginning to drop (and stay there). And ice fishing takes additional preparation and equipment than normal fishing. So, we’ve composed a list of necessities you may want to consider when venturing out on your next ice fishing excursion.

1. Depth Finder 

Invest in one of the latest depth finders on the market. Depth finders are a modern way of improving your luck of finding fish. Check out our depth finders at Sommerfeld Outfitters!

2. Heated Seats

One of the best ice fishing accessories. Talk about convenience, right? Come to Sommerfeld Outfitters and check out our heated seats that are perfect for a fishing outing. Plus, you won’t regret the extra warmth once you're out there. 

3. Shelters

Stay extra warm with Sommerfeld Outfitter’s ice fishing shelters. Shelters are a great way to get extra protection and keep yourself out of the wind. Plus, most ice shelters are made to be extremely portable, so they are easy to maneuver and get on and off the frozen body of water. Stop in and browse our selection of shelters from the leading brands in ice fishing.

4. Auger

Don’t forget your ice auger! An auger is a device you use to cut the hole in the ice. Most augers appear to be screw-like and are operated with ease. Come shop our selection of ice fishing augers at Sommerfeld Outfitters. We have a wide variety of best-selling augers and accessories that you won’t want to miss.

Are you ready for your next ice fishing adventure? Stop into Sommerfeld Outfitters and have one of our outdoor experts make sure you are properly equipped and ready to be successful on your next fishing trip. As always- don't forget to check your ice. Conditions always change so it's extremely important to always know your ice and the thickness. Happy Fishing!




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