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Bait at Sommerfeld OutfittersWe have a great selection of bait, bait buckets and bait boxes/tackle boxes for anglers of all types and skillsets. Obviously, to be successful at catching fish you need more than hook and line. The fishing must be attracted and enticed to bite. Different fish types all require different types of bait. Sommerfeld Outfitters offers both live and artificial baits. Minnows are typically a good all-around live bait. Grub lures with curly tails, floating minnows or hair jigs are good all-around artificial baits. 

If you're looking to catch a specific fish such as bluegill, carp, catfish, perch, striped bass or trout we want to pair you with a bait choice that resembles the food the fish eats naturally. Bait choice is a crucial part of your fishing experience. Feel free to do your research or contact us with any bait questions. 

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Once you have your bait selection(s), we have a variety of bait boxes and buckets so that you can transport your bait safely and effectively as well as keep it sorted and organized. Some of our bait buckets include built-in aerators. Check out all of our other fishing supplies

Bait Boxes or Tackle boxes come in every size and shape imaginable from hard to soft...from carry to bags. Usually, you will want your bait and tackle box to essentially be a perfect "fit" with just a bit of extra room for added growth. Take some time to look at the options and tailor a box that's perfect for your needs. Contact us to learn more about the fishing bait and fishing boxes we have in stock! 




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