Binoculars and Range Finders

Binoculars and Rangefinders available at Sommerfeld Outfitters in LidderdaleAs far as optics are concerned, binoculars and range finders are becoming more and more standard. Whether on a hunt or at the range binoculars and range finders are a great addition to your gear selection. Binoculars are, of course, two telescopes mounted side by side and aligned to point in the same direction allowing us to view distant items using both eyes.

Rangefinders allow us to estimate the distance of an object and come in a variety of specifications and features. Compared to other items on the hunt - the rangefinder is still relatively new and has seen signifcant advancements in the last few years. Rangefinders can help you become more confident in your shooting and actually a more eithical hunter - especially as it assists with scope adjustment. There are a variety of rangefinders available so before shopping be sure to determine your realistic max shooting distance, budget, magnification, is a ballistic calculator needed. 

Stop in and see our qualified staff to assist you in comparing all the different binocular and rangefinder options available today.




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