Blinds and Seats

Hunting Blinds and Seats at Sommerfeld OutfittersA hunting blind is a device used by hunters to provide cover and concealment while hunting. This helps reduce detection and increases the odds of a successful hunt. There are different types and varieties of blinds that are designed for different purposes and situations. Some are simple while others are exceedingly complex. 

Blinds should be allowed to blend or camouflage with the surrounding enviroments grass, brush or natural vegetation. It should also be scent free. Hunters should do some scouting when trying to determine the best place to set up their blind. For maximum effectiveness, blinds should be allowed to stay up in the environment. Scouting also helps with familarization of the area including crop rotations, predators, weather and other factors. 

Animals are smart so setting up the blind ahead of season can help with concealment and make it a familar part of the territory. Also consider your safety and terrain when setting up a blind. You may also want to consider scent-eliminating sprays to compliment your blind. 

Stop in today to take a look at our selection of hunting blinds. Our knowledgeable staff can help you decide which one is right for your hunt!




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