Bowfishing Gear in Carroll IA Bowfishing is a great way for archers and hunters to extend their hunting season and improve their archery skills. Take to the water with bowfishing. Combine the excitement of hunting, the technique of archery and sport of fishing. The concept of hunting with bows and arrows isn't new, in fact, it dates back centuries as a key means of gathering food and is still in use today. Our selection of bowfishing supplies includes reels, rests, arrows, bowfishing lines, reel mounts and of course - apparel

Bowfishing has been gaining popularity with more tournaments being held each year. Bowfishing is a flexible sport and any type of archery bow will do - (longbow, recurved bow, or compound bow). Keep in mind bowfishing uses different arrows than archery or hunting. They are heavier, don't have fletching, and the tips are barbed so your "catch" stays on the arrow. The reel attaches to the bow itself.

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