Controlling Your Scent- 3 Tips to Conceal Your Smell

November 19, 2019

While hunting season is well on its way, you may be questioning why you are coming home empty-handed. One thing we always tell beginner hunters is to pay attention to your scent. Although there are things you can do at home to conceal your smell, there are also some useful things you can buy prior to your big hunt to ensure your game doesn’t know your there. 

Prepare Your Clothing

It’s important to make sure your hunting clothes are prepared and deodorized. Even to go as far as getting special laundry detergent for your clothes can help bring success to your hunt. You should also pay attention to the way you’re storing your clothes, as it’s extremely easy for items to pick up a scent even when they aren’t being worn. 

Personal Hygiene

Yes- how you get ready for the day can impact your hunt. What you wash your hair with, how you brush your teeth, the type of deodorant you use, all can be detected during your hunt. That’s why there are unscented products on the market that can make sure you go undetected. 

Scent Reduction Products 

Whether its spray, detergent, scent concealing apparel, and more, all these things will help you go undetected during your hunt. All these things can be quite effective when it comes to concealing your scent from the animals. 

At Sommerfeld Outfitters we have the apparel and accessories to make sure you conceal your scent successfully. Make that next hunt successful! Come out and see us at Sommerfeld Outfitters in Lidderdale! 




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