Having the right cooler is important for any outdoor adventure. Whether you're out hunting, fishing, kayaking or just hiking a trail. There are a few things to consider when deciding which cooler is right for you. The first and most obvious question is, do you even need a cooler? If you're needing to keep food and drinks cold for more than a day a tough rigid cooler is right for you, however if you're looking at a timeframe shorter than that - a soft cooler is the way to go. Plus they're lighter and take up less space. These are ideal for trips to the beach, scenic hikes or an afternoon in the kayak.

Coolers are great in group situations where you need more capacity or if you're on a multi-day excursion and need longer storage times. Be sure to always know and consider the FDA guidelines for perishable foods such as meats, dairy and eggs. Consider the demands you're planning on putting your cooler through, as well as the storage capacity you need and the external size itself. Lastly - think about portability, after all a cooler isn't much good if you can't get it to where you're going or the process of transporting it is too daunting for you to enjoy your adventure. No cooler will function perfectly in every capacity so it's important to prioritize your needs.

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