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Hunting Dog Supplies at Sommerfeld Outfitters in Lidderdale IowaMans' best friend. Humans and dogs have had a long history. It's probably safe to say some of the earliest relationships between man and dog were related to hunting and finding game for food. Today, hunting dogs still provide incredible assistance on hunting trips. While there are wide range of hunting breeds with varying characteristics, sense of smell is obviously crucial. Also keep in mind if you or your group likes to do long hunts you will need a breed with a lot of energy and stamina.

Pointers and setters are bred to find game - usually fowl - and show the hunter where to find it while retrievers do exactly what their name implies. Keep in mind, when not hunting, you'll want to find activities that fulfill your breeds drive or you may encounter behavior problems.

At Sommerfeld Outfitters, we have everything you need to get your dog outdoors. From parkas for cold temperatures, training kits and dvds and even collapasable bowls for food and water. Stop in and see us today to get your hunting dog outfitted!

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