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Fishing Line at Sommerfeld OutfittersMost anglers know that the weakest link between them and the trophy monster on the other end is...the line. The reel can smoke, the rod can bend - close to doubling over, maybe the hook will pull out...but if something fails, it's going to be your fishing line. Let's face it, the line is boring. It isn't bright and shiny, it isn't glamorous - it's a tool, period. That tool, however, is the most important link between you and your fish. Catch and release isn't as much fun when it's not planned in advance. Not all line is created equal, and we can help you navigate the line types and applications based on your rod, reel and what you're looking to angle.

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We have a variety of fishing line types available from the brands you know and trust. At Sommerfeld Outfitters we offer quality fishing lines at unbeatable prices. Stop in and check out our selection of fishing line, as well as all of our fishing gear, today!




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