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Fishing Nets at Sommerfeld OutfittersHaving the appropriate fishing net for the type of fish you're looking to catch is crucial. Utilizing the wrong net or, in some cases, no net at all isn't the best for the fish or for your overall fishing experience. You want to make sure the net is deep enough so that when the fish is bowed in it, you can still handle the fish without it being able to squirm out. You don't want to drop your catch on the boat or on the shore then try to re-capture it.

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When looking at nets consider the mesh size - the size of the actual holes in the net. For more delicate fish, like trout, opt for small or micro mesh options. For larger fish such as bass or walleye - a heavier mesh would be needed with holes around 1 inch in size. Of course, the larger the mesh holes the less water resistance and easier it is to move the net through the water. Hoop size and shape, as well as handle length and material, will depend on the type of fish you're looking to catch. Shorter handles are great for quick maneuvers but the fish needs to be close for you to net it. Longer handles perform better in more open water where larger waves and boat hulls require you to reach several feet to net a fish. 

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