Fishing Spears

Outdoor Edge Harpoon Fishing SpearFishing spears have been used by hunters and gatherers for thousands of years. In a more modern context the sport of spear fishing has become more popular and even encompasses use of things such as spearguns and slings that can be used while snorkeling, diving or simply swimming.

Be sure to check your local laws regarding the regulations surrounding spear fishing in your area. Spear fishing excludes the use of bait. Fishing spears can come in a variety of lengths, materials and types. Modern poles are extremely light yet durable enough to withstand the twisting forces of fish. 

Spear fishing is a relatively simple and primal sport and does not require a lot of gear. When choosing a pole spear it's important to first determine the the type or types of fish you're looking to hunt and what kind of water depths you'll be dealing with.

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