How to Take a Child Fishing

April 26, 2019 Fishing Gear

Introducing kids to fishing at a young age can lead to a life-long hobby and love of the outdoors if they they have a good experience during some of their first trips to the water.  As adults, we need to keep in mind that fishing with kids is much different than fishing with adults.  Children often have short attention spans and may get frustrated much easier if the fish aren't biting.  Below are some tips to help make positive lasting memories with your children while they are casting for fish.


Before you actually cast a line into the water, it's not a bad idea to take your child to your local lake where others are fishing.  By letting children see fishing first-hand, it can get them excited and ready to go on their first fishing trip.


Once you are ready to take them fishing for the first time, choose a location that is abundant in fish, large and small. Children typically aren't focused on the size of the fish.  They're just happy if they are catching any kind of fish.  Choose a comfortable location on the shore or dock and don't forget to bring along a few chairs if you are setting up along the shoreline.


A worm or nightcrawler is a great choice of bait when fishing with kids.  Teaching them how to bait the hook is an important thing to learn, which can help you in the long run.  Be conscious of your attitude towards baiting the hook.  If you act squeamish around the worm, it can make your child act that way also.  Being confident will give them the confidence that that need.


Casting is an essential part of fishing, but it can be a difficult.  Practice casting the fishing rod with your child in a large grassy area first so that they can get the hang of it.   Keep other children a good distance away while they are learning so that they have plenty of room to practice without worrying about hooking something unwanted.


Once they have gotten the hang of it, head to the water and help them make their first cast.  It may take a few tries, but be patient and helpful while they are working towards getting the line in the water.

As you know, the fish aren't always biting as quickly as you would like them to be, which can make your child lose interest quickly.  Bring along a few snacks and drinks to help pass the time and keep them occupied.  Always be ready to reel in the line if a fish does bite.


With these tips, I hope that you get out to the water and take a child fishing.  It isn't always about catching the biggest fish, but being outdoors and spending time together.



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