Hunting Calls

Catch your next pray with one of Sommerfeld Outfitter’s hunting game calls. We offer game calls for a variety of hunting seasons, so you can count on Sommerfeld to be your local hunting supply store. Some of the hunting game calls we offer include deer calls, electronic calls, predator calls, turkey calls, and waterfowl calls.

Types of Game Calls We Carry

  • Deer Calls

Get ready to bring in the big buck of the season with any of our deer calls. We offer a variety for all ages and experience levels, whether you are looking for a simple, easy-to-use deer call or need a device that can reproduce all of a deer’s individual sounds. Not sure where to start? No problem, give us a call or stop by our shop in Lidderdale and we would be glad to help!


  • Electronic Calls

While they can be bulkier than a manual call, electronic calls are ideal for replicating sounds over and over again. Not only that, but also one call can imitate sounds of multiple animals. Sommerfeld carries all of the highest quality electronic game calls on the market. Don’t just take our word for it, though. See for yourself and stop by our shop in Lidderdale, Iowa.


  • Predator Calls

Catch your next coyote with one of Sommerfeld’s predator calls. From barks to howls to screams of distress, our predator calls have the capabilities to imitate the sounds that will help you with your hunt. We offer compact, manual calls that are great for the pocket both in size and cost, along with electronic calls with the capability to produce multiple sounds at a long distance. Buy your predator calls from Sommerfeld Outfitters and be sure you will get a return on your investment!


  • Turkey Calls

Whether you plan to stuff a turkey for Thanksgiving or for mounting, you will need reliable turkey calls to help lure these birds. Sommerfeld Outfitters carries box calls, diaphragm calls, pan calls, and more, depending on what sounds, size, and spending you are planning. Take a look at all of our turkey calls in our retail store, located just outside of Carroll, in Lidderdale, Iowa.


  • Waterfowl Calls

Don't head north to catch the Canadian geese without first stopping by Sommerfeld Outfitters to check out our waterfall calls. We offer calls for all types of waterfowl including mallards, geese, doves, and more! Our waterfowl calls produce accurate sounds with loud volumes to ensure that your hunting trip will be successful!




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