Ice Fishing Supplies

Ice Fishing Sommerfeld OutfittersIce fishing is fun activity for all anglers who are looking to enjoy the great outdoors through the cold winter season. We have a wide selection of ice fishing supplies for all budgets and skill levels. This includes depth finders, fishing line varieties, heated seats, stoppers, rods, viewers, shelters, scrapers, augers, jigs, floats, coolers, and of course all the apparel and footwear you need to keep warm. 

Always make sure you know your ice! At minimum, it's recommended that four inches of clear blue ice is present. New ice is stronger than old ice and before venturing out be sure to drill test holes near the shore area and periodically as you continue out to gauge the thickness and quality of the ice. Conditions are always changing and thicknesses can vary across the body of water. Ice is weaker near submerged things like trees, limbs or vegetation. Ultimately - if you're not comfortable or the ice doesn't look right, don't go out.

We have all the apparel you need to keep warm and dry. Dress is thin layers of loose clothing. Be sure your outtermost layer is windproof and waterproof and that your head and hands are always covered. Warm socks and insulated waterproof boots are a must.

Never go ice fishing alone - bring a buddy and stay safe. We'll see you on the ice!

If you have any questions regarding fishing gear, don't hesitate to contact us.




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