Into Black Hawk Lake

July 09, 2019

Black Hawk Lake is a natural glacial lake located in Sac County, Iowa. It’s home of the southernmost glacial lake in the United States. It’s situated on the eastern edge of Lake View, Iowa. The lake’s deepest part measures about 15.1 feet. Black Hawk Lake has many amenities you can enjoy while visiting like boating, picnic areas, beach access, camping facilities, concessions, and more. Black Hawk Lake is also home to popular nature trails. One of the most well-known trails is the Sauk Rail Trail. This trail stretches across 33 miles and starts and ends in two different state parks! Starting at Black Hawk, it then ends in Swan Lake State Park located in Carroll County. These trails aren’t only open during the warm weather seasons, but also open during the winter for activities like cross-country skiing and snowmobiling. 
Although there’s a lot of recreational activities you can do at Black Hawk Lake, one of the main things it’s known for is its fishing. The lake offers a very accessible fishing pier- 50% of the lakeshore allows public access. So, what exactly can you catch in Black Hawk? Below, is a video released by the Iowa DNR that describes the different type of fish populations you can catch in the lake. 

Fish Populations at Black Hawk Lake
-Channel Catfish
-Yellow Perch
-Largemouth bass

Anglers of all ages enjoy Black Hawk Lake and the endless fishing opportunities it provides. If you need fishing gear, before checking out Black Hawk Lake, don’t forget to stop by Sommerfeld Outfitters for all your fishing equipment needs! 




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