Oh Deer! Are You Ready For Hunting Season?

September 15, 2019

As the summer season is quickly coming to an end, we are quickly approaching hunting season and we’ve got one question- are you prepared? We all might know the hunting essentials, but below we have compiled a list of some of our hunting must-haves. 

Scent Control 

Whether its scent concealing clothing, gloves, sprays or even laundry detergent this can help impact how successful your hunt it. You don’t want the animals to know you’re there (yes, they can even smell you!). 


An attractant helps lure or attract your desired prey. The right deer attractant can make a hunting trip a success!


A great addition to your hunting bag- binoculars give you the ability to view distant items using both eyes. This seems like a given, but binoculars prove to be one of the most useful hunting accessories. 

Trail Cameras 

There is a wide range of trail cameras on the market! So, whether you’re a beginner or avid hunter- they can come in handy to keep track of your game as the season goes on. 

Blinds & Seats

Camouflage yourself even more in the trees or brush with a blind or seat that blends in. There is a wide selection of hunting blinds and seats, but overall you can't go wrong- they are comfortable and they hide you from the animals. 

Did you forget to pack one of these things? Don’t worry! At Sommerfeld Outfitters we have you covered- from hunting apparel to accessories you can find it here. Don’t forget to stock up before the season is in full swing. Stop in today!




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