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Sommerfeld Outfitters ApparelSommerfeld Outfitters carries outdoor clothing to dress you from head to toe, including headwear, sunglasses, tops, bottoms, gloves, socks, boots, and other footwear. We carry everything from hunting and fishing apparel to t-shirts and sweatshirts for regular outdoor activity. We also carry a variety of life jackets for all your water related and kayaking adventures. Our wide selection of apparel is suited not only for adults, but also children, so you can outfit the whole family in one trip.

Dressing for success can be the difference in a fun, successful outdoor adventure or a miserable day outdoors. The important rule when it comes to choosing your apparel is to dress in layers. What exactly does that mean? Typically, 3 layers are ideal. The first layer should be snug and made up of a material that will carry moisture away from your body. The second layer can vary, but a lightweight, breathable, and rugged material is best. This could be some type of fleece. The final layer will vary depending on the weather conditions and what outdoor activity you're looking to participate in. Wind and waterproof versions are important to remember with this layer.

Three other items that should never be taken for granted are your hat, gloves, and boots. They are just as crucial for a fun and safe day outdoors. 

Some of the popular outdoor clothing and casual wear brands that we carry are:

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