Revolvers are consider by most to be a subset of handguns opposite to the pistol. A revolver, also called a wheel gun or six shooter is a repeating handgun that has a revolving cylinder containing mulitple chambers and at least one barrel for firing. A revolver allows the operator to fire multiple shots without reloading after each shot, unlike the older single-shot firearms. After a round is fired - the hammer is cocked and the next chamber in the cylinder is aligned with the barrel. The cocking of the hammer can be done by the user manually (single action) or by the rearward movement of the trigger (double action). Revolvers are very nostalgic among many Americans, having being widely used in cimena and old Westerns. They are still popular for everyday carry as both primary and secondary firearms.

Loading and unloading a revolver.

There are some different designs available from manufacturers as to how the revolver can be loaded or unloaded.

  • Fixed cylinder - many first generation revolvers were designed this way. A pin is removed and the cylinder itself is removed for unloading/reloading
  • Top break - the frame is hinged at the bottom front and a release pushes the barrel down. In many top-break revolvers this motion also operates an extractor that pushes the cartridges back out in the chamber for easy removal
  • Tip up - Similar to top break in that the barrel is hinged, however this release points the barrel upwards
  • Swing out - the most modern method of loading/unloading where the cylinder swings out and down away from barrel in parallel fashion.

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