A rifle is a longer barrelled firearm designed for precision shooting and to be held against the shoulder with both hands. The barrel of a rifle has a helical pattern of grooves (rifling) cust into the bore walls. Originally dubbed "rifled gun" the term rifle actually referrs to the machining process of creating the grooves. Raised areas of the rifling are called "lands" which make contact with the projectile and impart a spin so that when the projectile leaves the barrel this spin lends gyroscopic stabability and prevents tumbling. Think of a perfectly thrown football. Rifles can be designed as single shot, semi-automatic, fixed burst, and full automatic. Rifles for hunting, defense and competitive shooting at Sommerfeld Outfitters!

Rifles can be designed to function on a number of different actions. These can include:

  • Bolt Action
  • Lever Action
  • Semi-Automatic Action
  • Pump Action
  • Break (hinge) Action

With the top 3 being the most common for rifles today.

What are some common rifle accessories?

Depending on the exact make of your rifle there are a variety of accessories available depending on your intended use. These can include optics, slings, bipods, aftermarket sights, charging handles, triggers, stocks, and brass catchers. Our team would be happy to discuss the many options available when it comes to rifles and rifle accessories.

Choosing the right rifle.

With the large selection of calibers, models and styles available it really comes down to, as it does in most cases, intended use. Are you looking for your next rifle for home or personal protection, hunting (if so- what type of game), competitive shooting, collecting or hobbist? Stop in and see us, we would have happy to discuss which rifles or other firearms would be ideal for you situation.




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