Shotguns - (occasionally known as scatterguns) is a firearm that is designed to be fired from the shoulder and uses the energy of a fixed shell to fire a number of small scherical pellets called "shot"...or a solid projectile called a "slug". Shotguns are Shotguns at Sommerfeld Outfittersavailable in a variety of bores and operating mechanisms. These include:

  • Breech loading
  • Single-barreled
  • Double or combination gun
  • Pump action
  • Bolt action
  • Lever action
  • Semi automatic

The shot pellets spread upon leaving the barrel and the power is divided among the pellets, meaning the energy/impact of any one pellet is fairly low. When hunting, this makes shotguns useful for primarily hunting birds and other small game. It more tactical or military application shotguns are useful in close quarters combat or as a defensive weapon.

What are some common uses for shotguns?

Shotguns can be used in a variety of applications depending on their gauge - which means bore diameter - with the exception of a .410 which is actually a caliber. Quick fact: the gauge number is equal to the number of lead balls of that bore diameter that add up to weigh one pound. Shotguns can be used for:

  • Hunting
  • Military/Law Enforcement
  • Personal Defense
  • Competitive Shooting
  • Skeet/Trap or Clay Sport Shooting

A constriction in the end of the barrel known as a choke can be used to tailor the pellet pattern for different purposes depending on the size and range of the desired target. 

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