Skinning and Processing

Skinning and processing game Sommerfeld OutfittersWe'll often hear of invididuals, even other hunters, talk about how XYZ tastes to gamey or the meat is just too tough. As we all know, after a successful hunt comes the skinning and processing of your prey. When we're shopping at the supermarket we realize the meat industry is highly regulated and great care goes into getting you a finished product to purchase. As hunters, we need to exercise the same care when it comes to processing. We spend good money on high quality hunting supplies, but once the animal hits the ground we tend to get lazy. Dragging the animal through the dirt, slapping to the hood of a truck then leaving it hanging in a shed for hours will not produce high quality meat.

At Sommerfeld Outfitters we have all the tools you need for easy skinning and processing. From knives, processing kits, fleshing knives, sausage makers, to jerky kits, and dehydraters - we have you covered. Stop by our store in Lidderdale, Iowa and let us help you find everything you need for post-hunt processing!




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