Stock Up for Winter: The Coziest Items You NEED.

January 10, 2020

When it comes to winters in the Midwest you never are quite sure what to expect. But as the temperatures start to drop more and more, we composed a list of winter MUST-HAVES. 

1. Milkhouse Candles

Who doesn’t love burning a candle on a cold winter day? At Sommerfeld Outfitters we carry Milkhouse candles! We have a wide selection of scents to choose from, some favorites include Apple Strudel, Pure Vanilla, Peppermint Pine Needle, and more! 

2. Pajamas 

There aren’t many things that are better than slipping into your favorite pair of pajamas on a cold blustery day. At Sommerfeld Outfitters we carry a variety of pajamas for all ages! Take your day of relaxation to the next level and come try on a pair of our pajamas. 

3. Slippers & Socks

We know what your thinking- yes this could probably be grouped in one of the categories above or below. But we wanted to make a separate area for the part of your body that always seems to get cold- your feet! At Sommerfeld Outfitters we have slippers and socks that can keep your feet warm during the cold winter months. Our socks are suitable for any environment. Whether you are relaxing by your fire or enjoying an outdoor activity, you can’t go wrong. We have various colors, fabrics, and lengths to get you through the winter months! 

4. Outdoor Apparel

If you do decide to go outdoors- we’ve got you covered! At Sommerfeld Outfitters we carry leading brands in outdoor apparel that will keep you warm while on your outdoor adventure. From headwear to boots we have the most popular winter clothing at our store!

Stay cozy this winter and come shop with us at Sommerfeld Outfitters! We can’t wait to see you.




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