Tackle Boxes and Bags

Tackle Boxes and Tackle Bags at Sommerfeld OutfittersTackle boxes come in every size and shape imaginable from hard to soft...from carry to bags. Typically you will want your tackle box or bag to essentially be a perfect "fit" with just a bit of extra room for added growth. Take some time to look at the options and tailor a box that's perfect for your needs. Hard tackle boxes have been around since the beginning of modern fishing and many of us carry the same one grandpa had or we have it safely stashed away as an heirloom holding many childhood memories. The dependability of a solid tackle box is hard to beat - they resist cracking and can tolerate rough handling.

Tackle bags definitely have their place as well. They are typically lighter and easier to transport than boxes. Especially if your secret fishing hole requires a lot of hiking or maneauvering to reach. Padded should straps add even more comfort.

Regardless, take your time and determine which system is the best fit for your needs. Contact us if you have any questions about selecting a tackle box or tackle bag. 




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