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Sommerfeld Outfitters is home to the Snare Shop. We are internationally known for our traps, snares, scents, and baits. We have everything you need for you next trapping adventure. Whether for fur trading or nuisance animal control our top quality trapping and snaring equipment is what you're looking for.

Unless an animal has a good reason to act to the contrary it will take the path of least resistance.  This principle is what makes snaring so effective.   In areas where coon, fox or coyote exist, find a path, gully, log crossing, fence, dugout, culvert or other features that restrict the LINE OF TRAVEL and place a snare DIRECTLY IN THE CENTER OF THE LINE OF TRAVEL. Fox, coon, and coyote meet hundreds of small obstacles such as branches, weeds or vines every time they travel and will walk right into a snare as if it were just another weed or branch.  They have no idea they are in trouble until it is too late.

Traps, trapline hardware, earth anchors, tools and kits, we have what you need. Sommerfeld Outfitters is the respected authority in the trapping and snaring industry. We know what works. Our snares are the fastest, most reliable animal snares on the market. We have years of proven, reliable performance in snare trapping.

Order your animal control products from the world’s most trusted trapping and snaring industry. Our products are used by professionals, educators, animal control officers, rescue groups, volunteers, and pest control operators worldwide. We can offer expert advice on the best use of your new equipment as well as strategies to help make your trapping successful.

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