Winter is coming! 3 Tips to Stay Warm!

October 29, 2019

Are you ready for the colder temperatures? While we may not have your pumpkin spice lattes at Sommerfeld Outfitters, we have plenty of outdoor apparel to keep you warm this winter season. Whether you’re enjoying activities like hunting or just appreciating the outdoors, we’ve got you covered. From headwear and gloves to coats and sweatshirts- we can make sure you’re prepared for the colder months to come! Some of the most popular brands we hold in-store include Banded, Huk, Arctic Shield, Lazy One, UA, Nomad, and more! Here are 3 quick tips to consider when dressing for success in the winter months. 

Layers, layers, layers.

When the temperature starts to drop, we always tell people that no matter what you are doing in the cold, layers will be your best bet for comfort and warmth. Not only do we have warm clothing, but also wind and waterproof versions to make sure you're prepared for any condition you might face. 

Think about the things on your body that get cold the fastest.

Typically, the parts that tend to get cold quick are our hands, head, and feet. This is something to consider when making sure you are prepared. 

Consider the extras.

Yes, there are many “extra” things that you can buy in order to make sure you stay warm. For example, don’t only bring a hat but maybe consider a neck warmer. Or bring gloves but also consider purchasing hot packs that can go within your gloves to maintain warmth. 

The last thing- if you don’t think you’ve got everything you need, come visit us in Lidderdale at Sommerfeld Outfitters. We are your top choice of hunting, fishing, outdoor store.  




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